Top 10 Indian TV’s : Substitute for Chinese brands

Today we will discuss about the top 10 Indian TV brands or top 10 smart tv brands in India that can be the substitute for Chinese brands.

Amid the tension between India and China on LAC the demand for boycott of Chinese products growing among the masses. The #BoycottChina is trending almost on every social media platform. People here are furious and searching for substitute of Chinese goods. Let’s find out the top Indian brands in LED TV segment as replacement of China made TV’s.


Onida 43 Inches Full HD Smart IPS LED TV @ ₹ 24,000.00

Onida is a brand of MIRC Electronics, Based in Mumbai, India. Once Onida TV’s are considered best among the lot in CRT TV’s era. Onida was used to be the first choice among household when it comes to buying a CRT TV. Since the globalization of trade took place the company has lost many of it’s customers to other brands. But surprisingly Onida TV’s are still popular and are in much demand. The company has many variants and models in it’s LED/Smart TV line up. These TV’s are very much Indian and offer almost all the features you may find in any top brand TV. They are relatively less priced than Chinese smart TV’s. The specs and features of Onida Smart TV makes it one of the Top 10 Indian TV’s brand. So do check out this brand if you have any plan of buying an endogenous Indian brand.

2. BPL

BPL 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Official Android LED Smart TV @ ₹ 37,199.00 

British Physical Laboratories, BPL Ltd. Is an Indian Electronics company founded in the year 1963 in Kerala.  With a preference to make BPL a household name, the corporation began production of super digital products.

BPL is an Indian patron electronics enterprise which manufactures Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Washing machines and Televisions.

BPL has released new range of smart LED TVs from 24” to 55” which are available for purchase on online platform amazon and offline stores.

3. Videocon

Videocon 40 inches HD LED TV @ ₹ 15,000.00

Videocon Industries Limited turned into a huge assorted Indian employer situated in Mumbai. The institution has 17 manufacturing sites in India and various plants in Mainland China, Poland, Italy and Mexico.

Videocon is a well known and trusted name in every household in India in consumer electronics. They make pretty well competitive products of international standard. The prices are relatively less than other counterparts. Videocon has always been among the top 10 Indian TV manufacturer. Not only it’s TV’s other consumer durable like Washing machines and Refrigerators are quite popular among the masses.


Intex 43 inches Full HD LED Smart TV @ ₹ 24,390.00

Intex is another well reckoned Indian brand in IT goods and consumer electronics. Intex was found in 1996 in new Delhi. It started from manufacturing TVs, Sound gadget and later on moved to smartphones.

If you are really tight on budget and want to buy a LED/Smart TV avoiding Chinese products than Intex could be a worth buying. Intex TV’s are designed with latest features and offers exceptionally good quality. These are relatively less cheaper than other popular brands. Intex stands out another top 10 Indian TV manufacturer.

5. T Series

T Series LED TV 32 Inch @ Rs. 11500

T Series is a name generally linked with music and films. Late shri. Gulshan Kumar the man behind the formation of T series has build the company from scratch. After a great success in entertainment industry T series has opted to enter into the consumer electronics market.

There products like LED TV’s are not much popular but yet has a demand from tier 3 cities as they are quite easy on consumer pockets. If you really want a substitute for china made TV’s than T series LED TV’s could be a better replacement.

6. Micromax

Micromax 55 inches 4K UHD Certified Android TV @ ₹ 47,599.00 

Micromax is an Indian consumer electronics company. It was established as IT software company in year 2000 having it’s corporate office in Gurgaon (now Gurugram), Haryana. It’s manufacturing unit is located in Rudrapur ( Uttrakhand).

Being one of the top Indian seller of budget Smart Phones, it is now successfully selling Smart TV’s all over India. It’s smart TV’s are equipped with all the trending features and offers great viewing experience. Micromax has a enough range and variants in it’s Smart TV/LED TV segment. These TV’s are quite popular and are cheaper than brands like Samsung, Sony, LG etc.

Micromax is definitely a top 10 Indian TV brand which is giving tough competition to Chinese brands like Xiaomi, TCL, Realme etc.

7. Cloudwalker

CloudWalker 55 Inches 4K UHD Smart TV @ ₹ 29,990.00

Cloudwalker is another Indian home grown company established in 2013. The aim of the company is to develop products for best user experience. They have came a long way as a brand and now have started receiving accolades for their quality products.

The brand Cloudwalker team is continuously striving to upgrade your TV’s with new features and innovation. They are having service centers in 250+ cities across India and adding more soon.

They claim they have Content Discovery Engine (CDE) & ScreenShift: in all their TV’s for free which help you discover trending and new content along with watching your live TV providing for a seamless screen shift. The Cloudwalker can be easily termed as one of the top 10 smart tv brands in India available at very low prices.

There are lot more features available like chromecast, Google Assistant etc. Cloudwalker can be a better substitute for Chinese TV’s.

8. Weston

Weston 32 inches FHD LED Smart TV @ 12,500.00

The name Weston was once taken as pride and respect for owning there black & White TV sets. The company was formed in 1972 in India since than no looking back. Between 1980 to 2000 Weston was one of the most selling television brand in India.

Carrying on the legacy of futuristic manufacturing, Weston did not look back, remodeling ingeniously into users’ destination for high quality, cost-effective and durable consumer electronics.

Today, Weston is manufacturing products aiming at today’s dynamic population which is tech savvy, stylish, trendy and fast in exploring good appliances at minimum possible prices. 


Shinco 49 Inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV @ ₹ 23,999.00

This homegrown television brand Shinco India is leveraging affordability and remarkable elements to compete with manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, LG etc.

Shinco India was founded by Mr. Arjun Bajaj in 2018 to sell TV’s via online platforms. Today, it has a presence on Amazon also has its app on Google Play Store.

Shinco India is an affordable, wide-screen LED TV manufacturing brand which was launched in 2018. These televisions are produced in the wide range of 24 inches to 65 inches and priced between Rs 5,400 and Rs 48,000. They are manufactured in the company’s facility in Greater Noida, Uttar pradesh.

Loaded with all the smart features and latest technical upgrades Shinco is a well placed brand among top 10 Indian TV brands.


Kevin 55 inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV @ ₹ 27,999.00

KEVIN is another Indian LED TV brand developed by Beston Skyvision Pvt Ltd. With continuous improvement and dedicated effective research Beston skyvision is a foremost professional manufacturer of LED TV’s and Monitors in India.

The brand has produced wide range of LED smart TV’s under various screen sizes. The display quality of it’s TV’s is at par with other international brands. The demand and sale of KEVIN Smart TV’s has given tough competition to Chinese cheap brands. These Kevin Smart TV’s offers all the latest features. Overall they are value for money products in the LED/Smart TV segment. KEVIN is one of the top 10 smart tv brands in India. If you really want to avoid spending on Chinese goods than KEVIN will the right choice for you.

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