New World of Entertainment : OTT Platforms

OTT or Over The Top media streaming services are totally a new world of entertainment for consumers.

What is OTT?

Over-the-top (OTT) is web based media streaming services offered directly to the consumer through internet and web applications (Apps). Consumer can access these apps on different devices like Smart Phones, Computers, Smart TV’s etc.

Over-the-top (OTT) content providers are growing exponentially as more humans switch to on line channels for entertainment.

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According to comScore, around 50 million families across the world, these days have OTT video, which they eat in the equal time-of-day sample as traditional TV viewers. It is safe to mention that the video medium is being reshaped through OTT video streaming companies. No doubt in coming years OTT will emerge and preferred as a New World of Entertainment.

Examples of OTT media services

NETFLIX, Diseney+HOTSTAR, Amazon Prime Video, MX Player, Alt Balaji, Voot, Sony Liv, BIG FLIX, ZEE5 etc.

Listed above are some of the best media streaming services providers.

OTT media services in India?

In these difficult times of Pandemic COVID-19 spreading all over the world, India and Most of the world is in LOCKDOWN. The need for Entertainment from home has raised many folds as Theatres, Multiplexes, Restaurants, bar all has been shut down. Here OTT media services became more reasonable and accessible in spending some quality time watching some great content.

Web series like Special Ops released on Hotstar is considered to be hit among masses based on it’s viewership and 8.7/10 IMDB ratings.

Image Credits to Hotstar

Another big hit on OTT is a Movie released exclusively on Netflix named “EXTRACTION” starring Chris Hemsworth, Randeep Hooda etc.

Image credits to

A recent web series “PATAL LOK” streaming on Amazon Prime video is another grosser.  Try Amazon Prime click HERE

Image credits Amazon Prime Video

Listed above are the few examples to give a glimpse of, how OTT media services are providing rich exclusive content apart from movies and show that released in theatres and Television?

In India, content is increasingly being fed on on handheld devices (Smart Phone) on OTT Platform as today’s generation lacks the persistence to wait for a release of film to air on a linear platform like television. This viewer desires her content to be spicy, immediate and on-demand.

Between Hotstar, Netflix, Prime Video, Voot, Sony Liv, MX Player and Alt Balaji an Indian consumer has more choice for content than consumers anywhere in the world.

Smart TV and OTT media Services

According to a recent study The Smart TV Market is expected to grow at 20.4% between 2020 – 2027.

A significant shift in the viewer preferences toward video streaming channels is happening. People among the age of 18 to 34 mostly opt for video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot. Improved user friendly OS is the motivation for them to shop for a smart TV, growing its demand in the market.

Smart TVs are embedded with the Wi-Fi connectivity and simple internet capabilities like YouTube, Internet browser. To offer the benefit of casting your telephone video content material. 63% of users found to connect to a mobile or streaming device to stream content at some point in time. So, irrespective of where a client subscribes, your content material will be had on any platform with an OTT app. By engaging them with repeat enterprise and attractive apps, emblem affinity is cultivated and strengthened. OTT apps provide freedom and convenience to stream content on larger displays like TVs and tablets. Even conversions are a lot better when your services may be availed this way.

Even though apps aren’t going to update the video-on-demand streaming commercial enterprise in the foreseeable future, the pair of them will complement every other. In fact, as in step with Statista, 33% of humans watch online videos on a Smart TV, indicating a growth in the international OTT market.


With OTT media services emerging as a New World of Entertainment their collaboration with Smart TV’s will boost the sale of electronic goods. In coming years we will see the new trend of everybody buying Smart TV’s and replacing their old traditional sets.

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