OLED vs QLED vs LED: Which is better?

Today let’s discuss about OLED vs QLED vs LED TV, which type of TV will be best suited for you.


In this article, we’ll compare these ( OLED, QLED, LED) three types of screens and outline their benefits and disadvantages. This will help you decide which sort of TV is fine for you, primarily based on your budget and viewing preferences. We’ve also recommended some televisions in every class that you could choose, if you’re planning to shop for a new one soon.

OLED is Latest and Best

As of today OLED TV’s are easily available television in the market no-doubt OLED rules when it comes to picture quality. With Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, every pixel is able to emitting its own light in response to an electric powered current. Individual pixels also can be shut off completely. As a result, OLED TVs are able to deep blacks, high ranges of contrast, and practical colours. Since there’s no need for a backlight, OLED TVs are thinner and have narrower bezels than those that use other TV display screen technologies.

OLED TV’s are most Expensive

Also, all of this comes at a price; OLED TVs are amongst the most steeply-priced inside the market today. Premium collection including the Sony A9G and LG C9 will set you returned by huge amounts, and even the maximum less expensive OLED televisions cost just beneath Rs. 1,00,000. This additionally has to do with the truth that it most effective makes business feel to manufacture OLED TVs at display sizes of fifty five inches and above. You should keep in mind an OLED TV when you have a high price range and need the high-quality possible picture quality.

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