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The market of LED TV is flooded with various brands and product offering latest features from Full HD to 4K to make your TV viewing an everlasting experience. By each passing month established brands are trying to produce different new products to keep there brands viable whereas new entrants are trying their best to grab the market share and giving the existing established brands a really tough competition. If you want to purchase an LED TV for your home and office, you should check out India’s best online application, where newly launched TV with enormous features are available on great prizes.

The top brands of LED TVs are Sony, Samsung, LG, Mi, VU, Kodak, Micromax, etc. Now let us discuss the leading brand of television and their specification along with reasonable prices –

1. Samsung 50 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV

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  • Samsung has always been innovative, and now it has always been one of the best selling brands with an affordable range. Now it has brought Ultra HD LED televisions to compete with new brands like VU, Thomson, TCL, etc.
  • The TV brings you a gorgeous looking 50-inch large Ultra HD screen 4K display, which provides excellent colors, contrast, and viewing angles. It has the best display quality comparing other brands.
  • It comes with fully loaded smart features and is known as Smart TV where you can connect your mobile screen on a 50-inch large display with just a  click away using the screen mirroring features given in this.
  • There is an Unbox tune station with the help of which you can turn your tv into a music system. Samsung has pre-installed apps like Netflix, prime video, and youtube and has a clean and responsive interface.
  • There are 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB ports given, which help you to connect external devices like a set-top box, gaming console, and pen drive.
  • It is available under/around Rs. 50000 in India as of 2019 with Samsung brand 1-year warranty on this LED TV, and Samsung is one of the best and leading brands of India

2. TCL 50 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV

  • This TCL TV is a massive 50 inch 4K LED television, TCL has acquired Thomson TV in 2004 which was a brand known for making excellent products and provides them in a reasonable range now the Thomson TV’s are produced under the brand name of TCL.
  • In this LED TV by TCL The colors are vivid, and the brightness is magnificent, as well.
  • The sound of the TV is supported by dual speakers, which deliver 20W audio output. You can adjust the audio output in various modes that are available like Movie, Music, and Sports to fine-tune according to your preferences. 
  • It has all the features of a Smart TV and offers a very clean user interface again the overall performance of this product is smooth with no lagging noticed while switching apps, to know more details about the product log in

It is a great newly launched TV comes under an affordable price of Rs. 30000 in India.

3. Mi LED TV 4X 50 4K Ultra HD Android TV

  • MI has become one of the leading brands in India, and now it has launched the first 49 inches LED TV. Mi LED TV 4A PRO is an Android TV, and it is available exclusively on Amazon at a reasonable price. It comprises of Full HD resolution so that the movies and videos appear very clear to you.
  • This MI LED 4A comes with a Quad-Core processor of 2 GB RAM and has 8 GB of internal storage. Android Oreo supports this android TV, which comprises various features of smart TVs.
  • You can notice the significant changes in the remote of the TV, which also works on your voice commands as well. User can give commands like change the channel number or increase/decrease the volume, play the latest movies, etc. which can now accomplished with the voice command, it is powered by the Google Voice Search. It is the first MI LED TV which comes under 30000 with this feature.
  • The speaker has a sturdy 20 W and outputs a loud volume for you to enjoy the movies.

With the availability of plenty of features and HD sound quality makes it one of the best smart TVs in the price range of 30000 in India.

4. VU 43 inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV

  • It is a 43-inch smart television from VU, which comes with an Ultra HD 4K resolution and an A+ grade panel. Given all the specifications, the display quality is suitable for a television costing less than 25k, and with its 43-inch design, it is ideal for a medium-sized room.
  • This TV comes with a different feature in which there is a game center where you get 30 games for free and can also play them anytime you want. The application loads smoothly, and there is no problem with lagging.
  • VU TV comes with a feature of DTS sound technology built into the speakers that have a powerful 20 W output. For external connectivity, VU consists of 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports that are present on the side and back on the TV.

You can get it at the price of Rs. 25000 and is one the best product in an affordable range inclusive of all the latest features.

5. OnePlus 55 inches 4K Certified Android QLED TV

  • The most talked about newly launched tv by OnePlus. It is a 55 Inch OnePlus QLED TV which comes with 4K Ultra HD Resolution Display and OnePlus PQ Engine Gamma Color Magic further improves the quality of images and videos. It has built-In Wifi, Android TV, Google assistant features, Oxygen OS with Android Pie 9 with 3GB RAM and 16 GB storage makes it works flawless. It’s Bezel Less Design makes it stand out of the lot. It is also loaded with many features like Chromecast, OxygenPlay VOD selection, Screen casting, OnePlus Connect Mobile Sync and control, Bluetooth Stereo mode, File browser(local media player) etc.
  • This TV has 50 Watts full range 2 Speaker and 2 Sub-woofer, dual speakers gives alluring sound supported by Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Sound Technology, which provide an excellent sound quality.

Loaded with all the premium features this OnePlus TV is one of the intelligent choices if you can spend Rs. 70K. Read Here for more details about this product.

6.Kodak 50 inch Full HD Smart LED TV

  • Kodak has recently started the manufacturing of LED TV and has come up with excellent outputs. It is a very affordable price under Rs. 30000, which offers a 50-inch display, including other latest features in it.
  • The display panel of the TV is outstanding, having a big screen and Full HD resolution. It provides an immersive experience and you are lost in it while watching movies and sports. 
  • The display panel comprises 178-degree viewing angles, which ensures you of excellent clarity with minute details in every corner.
  • For external connectivity there are plenty of USB and HDMI ports that connect with a wide range of devices. Also, there is an option by which you can connect it to your WIFI as it is a Smart TV.
  • It has two 20W speakers, which makes a loud and clear sound.

Overall it’s one of best newly launched TV from Kodak available under Rs. 30000 in India.

7. Sony 43 inch Full HD Smart LED TV

  • Sony is one of the most reputed and well-known electronics brands in India manufacturing high quality products for ages.
  • In this newly launched TV by Sony you can enjoy all the features which are available on Smart TV. Overall it is a high 43 inch Full HD Smart LED TV in this price range. The performance of this LED is fantastic.
  • The X-Reality picture processing feature in this TV ensures exceptional HD clarity by upscaling or increasing the pixels. On analyzing the frames each scene is matched with an existing image database. It results in excellent picture clarity and improves the user experience.
  • It also provides the ClearAudio+ Refines Vocal Clarity feature, which makes your listening enjoyable and very clear and loud.

As usual the products of Sony priced high keeping in view the unmatched output of it’s products. This product is definitely a go grab offer for all those who gives first priority to the brand.

8. LG 32 inch HD 2019 Edition Smart TV

  • One of the leading brands of India, known as LG, is a big brand in India and manufactures high-quality products. This newly launched tv by LG has a 32-inch smart display which comes with some fantastic features. Being an Full HD resolution display It shows the best quality of bright and amazing images. The TV comprises Active HDR support, which optimizes every frame and, as a result, gives precise detail and stunning colors.
  • This LED TV runs WebOS, which is easy to use. Other than series on Netflix and Prime Video features, it also has Google Assistant as well.
  • You can connect your phone with the TV and enjoy any audio or video content from your smartphone. Ports like 2 HDMI and 1 USB port to connect external devices and helps record TV shows.
  • The great included features like an Intel WiDi (Wireless Display) is present and gives the best sound. Therefore this LG LED TV will prove to be a smart choice under the affordable price of 20000 in India.

All the above listed products are some of the best newly launched TV in India.

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