How to convert your regular TV to Smart TV?

In the last few years the craze for smart tv has risen unexpectedly. People won’t buy TV’s without any smart feature. However there was a time when smart tv costs higher but not anymore. With new entrants like Mi, Kevin, Micromax, TCL etc. smart TV’s are now in your budget. So, instead of buying regular LED/LCD TV’s people nowadays prefer Smart TV’s.

Not only just price but there are several other factors which help people to choose smart TV’s over regular TV’s. The most important factors in choosing smart TV is cheap and fast internet connection, easy connectivity and new content on web.  The fall in prices of internet (All thanks to Jio) has boosted the demand of Smart TV’s.  Easy connectivity between mobile and smart TV is another feature loved by people also the new content compatible with smart TV is easily available today.

This all we have discussed is for the people who have already bought a smart TV but what for those who bought regular LCD/LED few years back? And want to access the new content.  

Let’s discuss how to convert regular TV to smart TV?

1.Amazon Fire TV stick 4K

This is a dongle offered by Amazon which convert regular tv to smart tv. You will get two devices with this Amazon dongle. One, you have to connect with your TV and another is a remote by which you can control your TV. This dongle comes with HDMI 2.0 port, it makes data transfer really fast and you will not have any problem watching online content. However this dongle works with internet so you need to have a wifi connection at your home to access the content through this device. You may also use the hotspot of your mobile phone in case you don’t have wifi or regular broadband connection. When you connect this Amazon dongle to your TV for the first time, it will take few minutes to process. Once it installed you will find all the contents on your TV screen.

After installation of Amazon Fire TV stick with your TV it doesn’t matter if you change the wifi connection, there is no need to reinstall the device.

This Amazon Fire TV stick is loaded with many features. It streams your video with 60 frames per second speed which is considered a good speed. Apart from this it has HDR 10+, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support which is considered best for exceptional sound quality. The most astonishing feature of this device is that it comes with Alexa voice support. Another feature to notice is that if you have a TV which is HDMI and CEC enable than you can control volume and power on off from the remote of Amazon fire stick. For video streaming it has all the in-built applications along with Amazon prime video. Remember you need to login to every application separately to use it. You don’t get youtube support with this dongle.

2. Google chrome cast

Google has launched its device known as Google Chromecast in 2014 in India. Today this device is available in India with its advance version which is far more smart and available with better content. Like Amazon Fire TV stick this google device too works with internet. You have to cast it with your TV and install the device with your TV. For this first you have to connect google chromecast device with your TV through HDMI port. Then go to your TV Input settings and select the HDMI port where google chromecast is connected. Then download the Google home app in your smart phone, remember it only works when your smart phone or Tab and Google chromecast device are on the same internet connection.  

Now go to the Google home app settings in your Smart Phone or Tab and Select the add device option. It takes few seconds to process and connect; once it connected successfully you have to sign up using your Google account. It will redirect you to the home page after successful sign up.  After successful set up your chromecast will take few updates then you will be able to use it like a Smart TV. Congrats! You have successfully convert regular tv to smart tv. It is quite different from Amazon fire TV stick and do not comes with remote. You have to use your smart phone or Tab to operate it.

3. Airtel Xstream

Airtel has also launched its Extreme device like Amazon Fire TV stick. The company has launched two variants in the segment. Xstream stick and Xstream set top box. Xstream set top box offers services like satellite TV and OTT (over the top) services from Netflix, Amazon prime, hot star etc. Whereas Xstream stick can be connected to your TV for viewing online content. This Airtel Xstream stick comes with remote and you only have to connect it to your TV to access web content. It will definitely convert regular TV to smart TV. You need to have a proper wifi connection to access it.

There are also many other players in the Indian market apart from above three who are providing Android TV box. These boxes too will easily connect to your TV and you can play smart content via these boxes on your TV. Apart from accessing online content you can also access your Social media Accounts, Emails and many other social apps on your big screen.

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4. Apple TV

Apple TV 4K is another device which helps you stream OTT content on your regular TV. Before buying Apple TV be ensure that your TV has support for 4K and HDR otherwise it will not work on your TV.

With Apple TV you can access any apple device and at the same time can cast the content on bigger screen. It works for both iOS and Android devices. To use is it on Android you just need to install few extra apps like Plex, PlayTo, AirPlay media player.

5. ROKU Express

If you have an old LCD or LED TV with HDMI port than believe me you don’t need to think at all to replace it with Smart TV. ROKU HD Streaming device will turn your regular TV into Smart TV with so much of ease that you don’t have to bother about it.

ROKU Express is a Flash drive kind of device in shape and size it just need to be plugged in to your TV’s HDMI port. It will soon start streaming content via internet to your TV screen.

The ROKU streaming stick adds thousands of OTT channels to your screen like Netflix, Hot Star, Prime Video etc. Some of these channels are free to subscribe but for others you have to buy the subscription.

It comes with easily accessible remote to help you surf your content smoothly.

Roku Streaming Stick and 4K Streaming Player with Remote

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