Things to consider – Buyers guide for Smart TV

Here we are providing you with brief information about buyers guide for Smart TV and what things you must consider before your final purchase.

Your TV room is the one place where you sit for in search of some entertainment after your busy, hectic & tedious schedule. It’s not the one gadget which you should think of changing more often, a TV should be lasted 8-10 years in your living room keeping in view of middle class Indian families. If you are looking to upgrade your TV set with the latest available options then you should read this to upgrade yourself with the technology.

Screen Resolution is the first Things to consider - Buyers guide for Smart TV
Super Bright Display Panel LED

You might have heard these therms regarding TV and Screen LCD, LED, QLED, OLED, HD Ready, FHD, UHD etc. what are these terms really mean

Those bulky TV monitors or CRT’s ( Color TV’s as we used to call them) are used to operate on CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) which are not energy efficient and occupy enough space.

Then the technology improved and LCD TV’s or Monitors came into existence.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) was slightly better with their previous counterpart. An ordinary LCD uses original form of standard liquid crystal display with CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlighting. This form used to be more affordable, but less energy-efficient as compare to LED backlighting also it isn’t quite bright.

Screen Size is the second Things to consider - Buyers guide for Smart TV

No need to get yourself confuse as these all (CRT and LCD) are the things of past now.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is the same technology used in LCD but with LED backlighting instead of CCFL. This is great advancement in terms of viewing angels and quality also it makes the screen/panel more slimmer and energy efficient.  This is the most selling and affordable technology today. This combination of LCD screen and LED backlighting has enabled manufacturers to produce the larger size screens.

QLED (Quantum Dot) quantum dot is a kind of semi conductor which produces coloured light. The layer used by quantum dot helps in improving brightness and colours on the TV. This “QLED” term is marketed and made popular by Samsung for some of his high end TV’s.

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is the widely used and considered best screen technology today also the most expensive one. This OLED technology works on individual pixel and lit them up when current is passed through them, it is considered the best in adjusting the black levels.

What Screen Size to Choose?

Online content accessible - Things to consider - Buyers guide for Smart TV

Normally people think the “bigger the size the better viewing” but that’s not correct. You should not end up buying a size which involves moving your neck too much to watch TV. You should choose a screen size that suits and fits in your viewing room.

Choosing and Picking a screen size is depends on sitting arrangement you have made to view TV and the Space in your room.

If your TV is kept at the Distance of 3-5 feet – Go for 32” Inch screen size

This is an ideal size for that much distance and most commonly used .

If your TV is placed at 5-7 feet – you can consider 40” screen size

For a distance of 6-8 feet – consider 49” screen size

For 8-10 feet Distance– 55” screen size- will be best.

Distance of 9-12 feet – consider 65” screen size– it will be ideally good.

Now another Thing after selecting screen size is “Screen Resolution”

Which Screen Resolution to choose?

In built apps decoder - Things to consider - Buyers guide for Smart TV

There are many LED TV’s available offering different screen resolutions. Now picking a screen resolution totally depends on your viewing habits and the screen size you picked.

Generally the LED TV’s comes with below mentioned Screen Resolutions.

HD Ready or HD Resolution (1280 X 720 pixels or 720p) this screen resolution is a basic screen resolution offered in every LED till 32” screen size and it is the most commonly used screen resolution. Don’t buy screen size more than 32” with this resolution as it will offer poor picture quality.

Full HD (1920 X 1080 pixels or 1080p) this screen resolution is the middle version which is slightly better than 720p and lower on quality than 4k resolution. Picture quality is quite good on this screen resolution. Many cable operators and satellite TV content available on this resolution.

4K (3840 X 2160 pixels) this is the most pixel offering screen resolution till today. This is 3x higher than Full HD screen resolution. 4K content is still to be made popular in coming years yet there is enough of popular content available on Youtube, Netflix and Amazon prime. Nowadays many mobile phone companies offering 4k video recording you can play your recorded content on this TV. Another aspect of 4k resolution TV is that you can play 4k games, it will enhance your experience of playing games on big screen.

With technical advancements in hardware there are some software upgrades too, which brings another form of LED’s called Smart TV.

Now, what is Smart TV?

As we have seen the advancement in mobile technology from keypad phones to touch screen and now smart phones, Similarly the LED TV’s are upgraded too they are now loaded with pre-installed software’s and plug-ins to fetch content directly from the internet. You just need to have a wifi installed at your home.  You can play content directly from your TV with just using your remote. The preinstalled apps in your smart TV like youtube, Netflix, amazon prime video, hot star etc. will boost your viewing experience.  

Now I guess you are pretty much equipped to make your selection based on your requirement.

We have provided you a brief analysis of “Things to consider before buying any tv” thus we hope it will enable you to choose your product wisely.

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